Audio Restoration

In addition to our full-service recording studio, Commodore offers world-class, Grammy-nominated audio restoration. Vinyl Records, 78s, wax cylinders, cassette/reel tapes, and even “iPad” recordings in need of enhancement, can all benefit from the efforts of an experienced restoration engineer. Have your precious heirloom recordings transferred to CD or MP3 files for future generations to enjoy; with the same care and quality as the many internationally-released projects we have worked on.

Commodore offers:

Analog to digital audio transfer from most common formats including:

  • 78 r.p.m.┬álateral (standard)
  • 78 r.p.m.┬ávertical (Edison, Pathe, etc.)
  • Vinyl records (33.3, 45, 16, etc.)
  • 16″ transcriptions
  • Flexible/cardboard discs
  • Home disc recordings
  • Acetate one-offs
  • Cylinder records
  • Reel-to-reel tapes
  • Audio cassettes & 8-tracks
  • Wire recordings

World-class audio restoration including:

  • Professional cleaning using Disc Doctor
  • Correct pitch and off-center records
  • Proper EQ/turnover compensation
  • Crack and skip repair
  • Pop and crackle removal
  • Steady-state noise/hiss reduction
  • Hum/buzz removal
  • Audio editing/enhancement
  • Red Book CD mastering

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