Estimating the Cost of Restoration


There are many unknowns going into an audio transfer/restoration project, and the variables mentioned above can make it difficult to estimate the cost.

If you compare the various audio restoration sites on the Internet, you’ll notice that some of them offer a price ‘per-record’ or ‘per tape’. Others offer various ‘levels’ of restoration service (straight transfer; minimal restoration; mid-grade restoration; full restoration; etc., with a cascading price structure).  Other sites offer a straight rate based on the amount of time required to perform the desired service.

I use the last method, as I believe it is the most fair to both parties. For example: why  should you pay a higher price for restoring a pristine record that required little or no extra processing? On the other hand, why should I spend two hours transferring and restoring a particularly damaged disc; while only getting paid for a few minutes? My rate is therefore based on actual work performed.

Ultimately, you call the shots: whether you want straight audio transfer with no restoration (the quickest, cheapest method), or full restoration suitable for commercial release on CD, or anything in-between, I can do the work.

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