In the twenty years I have lived in Thurmont, the population has more than doubled. A Main Street Community, Thurmont is currently home to a diverse group of about 6,500 residents. The best-known features include Camp David, Catoctin Mountain Park, Cunningham Falls State Park, the annual Catoctin Colorfest, many great restaurants, and of course, Commodore Recording Studio!


  • Between 1751 and 1894, Thurmont was known as “Mechanicstown.”
  • Stick matches were first manufactured in Thurmont in 1825.
  • During the Clinton administration, the president was sometimes seen jogging through town.
  • Camp David was called “Hi-Catoctin” and “Shangri-la” before taking on its current name.
  • International dignitaries hosted at Camp David include Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Anwar al-Sadat, Mehachem Begin, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and many others.
  • Thurmont is home to 4 orchards, 3 Chinese restaurants, 2 tattoo parlors and 1 recording studio.

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