April 1, 2014. A newly-discovered conundrum!

Pie-In-The-Sky Jazz Band ca. 1931


The Victor V-39000 series was a short-lived run of picture discs, but here’s a regular 10” issue sporting the number V-39009!! Possibly waxed in 1931(?), the obscure “Pie-In-The-Sky Jazz Band” seems almost to be playing from the future… with just a bit more “swing” than other groups of the time. Perhaps the suits at Victor realized the impending musical anarchy that would ensue if this release was not recalled, and just to be safe, discontinued the entire V-39000 series. But miraculously, this single E-/V+ copy has survived; discovered today at a yard sale across the street from Commodore Recording Studio in Thurmont, MD. (The B-side is of no interest; just a red Columbia of Frankie Carle’s Orchestra.)

To hear the remarkable audio transfer, click here!