The Recording Studio

Conveniently located near Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, & West Virginia

Commodore’s unusually-shaped recording rooms are designed specifically with sound in mind. From the symmetrically-splayed walls and ceiling of the control room to the non-parallel surfaces of the live room and booths, the wonderful acoustics inspire better performances and allow more accurate playback. Even the five double-plate-glass windows are carefully placed to allow for maximum visibility between rooms. There is a separate lounge area with cable TV and a rehearsal piano. Commodore also has free parking just steps from the entry door, an easy no-stairs load-in, and is handicap-accessible throughout!


Recording Studios in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia 


    390 sq. ft. live room with great acoustics, 12’ ceiling, oak floor, Yamaha grand piano

    170 sq. ft. control room with Neumann monitors, reclining sofa

    68 sq. ft. drum/vocal room with gorgeous vintage Vistalite kit

    30 sq. ft. vocal/amp booth

    14’ x 12’ rehearsal/lounge area with cable TV and piano (not pictured)

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