Sound Samples from Commodore

 Recording Studio in Maryland

Recording Studios - Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Hear our Yamaha grand piano!

Excerpts played by Dr. Noel Lester

Un-processed recordings made with a stereo ribbon mic

Piano tuned and voiced by Leonard Hanitchak


Chopin excerpt – Dr. Noel Lester


Schubert excerpt – Dr. Noel Lester


Scarlatti Excerpt – Dr. Noel Lester




Listen for the different mixing/mastering styles including:
hot ‘n’ pumpy, clean and pristine, naturally ambient, “created” ambience,
dry studio, lower-fi retro-sound, open-air vs. brick wall mastering.

Differing levels of overall volume are normal. Some types of music are not appropriate for the “loudness wars” in which mastering engineers are sometimes forced to engage!


Open Eyes: American Dharma (Live in the studio – 2018)


I Want To Be Like Elvis: Gilberto Caballero (2014)


All For Me Grog: Daniel Webb (2018)


Vals for Atom: Candice Mowbray (2017)


Reverie: Candice Mowbray (2017)


The First Light: Damascus United Methodist Living Christmas Tree (recorded live – 2018)


Shakespeare and Hawking: The Pen-Mars Jazz Auxiliary (2016) (D. Benson: composer, arranger)


Empathy and Autism: The Pen-Mars Jazz Auxiliary (2016) (D. Benson: composer, arranger)


Supermodel: Danni Sheron (2019)


There’s Something About You: Malysa (2003)


Haunted: Clinton (2019)


Moondance: The Pen-Mars (2015) (arranger: D. Benson)


(Everything I Do) I Do It For You: The Pen-Mars (2015) (arranger: D. Benson)


I Choose Jesus: The Cosgrove Sisters (live in the studio – 2017)


Blessed Assurance: Marlene Young (2010) (arranger: D. Benson)


The Friendly Beasts: Marlene Young (2013) (arranger: D. Benson)


Someone To Watch Over Me: Sunday Night Big Band (Big band tracked live on location – 2018)


Nom De Plume: Danny Webber Quartet (live in the studio – 2017)


Quorum Blues: Brooks Tegler Sextet (podcast mix; live in the studio – 2018)


Mister Charlie: James Dapogny and the East Coast Chicagoans (recorded live in concert 2012)


Blue Miles: Kevin Peter Jones All Star Band (solos: Randy Brecker, Eric Marienthal; recorded live at Blues Alley Wash. DC Jan. 2014)


O Come, O Come Emmanuel: Polly Edmonds Baldridge, Walter G. Edmonds (live in the studio – 2014)


The Time Of Snow: Polly Edmonds Baldridge, Walter G. Edmonds (live in the studio – 2014)


Love In Motion: Nathan Ploski (2017)


The Blue, Blue Nile: Mark England (One-man band, live in studio – 2019)


My Angel’s In The Rainbow: Jessica Snyder (2018)


When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder: The Bluegrass Chapel Band (live in the studio – 2016)


Hush Little Baby: Jenni Benson (2007) (arranger: D. Benson)


Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Curvin Stambaugh, organ (recorded in small church – 2014)


Full Organ: Van Knauss (recorded in large church – 2004)


Midnight Grotto (from Lux Marinus): Doug Benson (2016)


Heartbeat of the Sea (from Lux Marinus): Doug Benson (2016)


Daughter of the Regiment: Marie Lester, Maryland Concert Opera (live performance, 2012)






Cracked 45 rpm record before/after

Damaged 78 rpm record before/after



Studio Recording in mono, 1950’s production values
“Oh Lady Be Good,” played by the Hagerstown Six, April 2013

Live Jazz Quintet recorded with 1940’s microphones, 2013
“Hocus Pocus,” performed by The Big Beat, Spring 2013